Munro Ferguson • June

I recently had the good fortune to attend several seminars at the first Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference held at the Bell TIFF Lightbox, the gorgeous new home of the Toronto International Film Festival. Every screening was fascinating, but the piece that resonated most deeply for me was Munro Ferguson’s 2003 hand-drawn 3D animated short June, created using SANDDE, the “world’s first freehand stereoscopic 3D animation software”.

Still image from June, directed by Munro Ferguson, produced by Marcy Page ©National Film Board of Canada

Made in memory of Canadian artist and filmmaker Joyce June Wieland, June is like a three-dimensional abstract painting that moves. June is Munro’s attempt to capture what it was like for him to know Wieland. In two sections, part 1, Alzheimer’s, is about the end of her life. Part 2, Memory, is about what she was like during the height of her creative powers.

The visuals are completely stunning, and the score, by Philip Glass, performed by Kronos Quartet, integrates brilliantly with the animation.


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